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Retail september 2, 2016

How Data Analytics Is Making Wedding Planning A Breeze

The Knot wants to introduce a new set of technologies that help couples make more informed decisions on their big day

Millennials may 26, 2016

Dating Service Wants To Make Sure You Never Have Another "Missed Connection"

Happn's new feature lets users expand their potential pool of dates

Technology april 4, 2016

Let Your Friends Eavesdrop On Your Next Date

Unlike other dating apps, this particular model invites friends to join the conversation

Home february 16, 2016

Carve Your Love Proclamations onto Google Street View

Mark personal romantic locations in your relationship on this platform

Work february 5, 2016

Swipe Right for a Supportive Network of Women

An app that's not about on dating and hookups, but female friendship

Arts & Culture january 25, 2016

Hand Out a Tinder Business Card to Your IRL Crush

Can business cards for your Tinder profile make giving out your number less awkward?

Technology july 14, 2015

Save the Broken Vases, Buy a Break-Up Online

If you want to opt out of your relationship, why not pay someone to say "sorry, it's over"

Advertising february 16, 2015

Google Translate and Wikipedia Fused into Geo-Linguistic Map

Interactive platform lets users learn about history and pronunciation of spoken word across Earth's terrain

Sustainability may 15, 2014

Data Visualization Depicts What It Is Like To Fall In Love

When Sparks Fly shows one woman's recent dating history and the moment she found "the one."

Cities march 13, 2014

Yelp Reviews Chronicle One New Yorker's Heartbreak

Chase Compton's Yelp reviews provide a glimpse into the demise of his relationship with his ex-boyfriend.

Innovation february 17, 2014

NYC Retailer Creates Entire Store Dedicated To Love

STORY brings romance front and center in their latest installation featuring '40 Days of Dating' stars Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman.

Mobile april 8, 2013

Plan A Wedding On An iPhone

Now brides and grooms can keep saving their wedding ideas when on the go.

Sustainability february 1, 2013

Yoko Ono's 'Magic Bean' Grows To Reveal The Word LOVE

Produced for the Serpentine Gallery, this organic artwork features a laser etched seed inside an aluminum can.

Arts & Culture december 5, 2012

Dating Site Matches People According To Their Interests On Reddit

Can a person's subreddit determine their compatibility with a potential mate?


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