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Travel september 7, 2016

Modular Luggage Design Makes Travel A Breeze

Premium baby stroller company Bugaboo has transitioned to building a smarter suitcase

Sustainability july 18, 2016

Old Aircraft Seats Upcycled Into Luxury Luggage

A high-end accessories collection is made up entirely of discarded airplane materials

Technology june 20, 2016

Check In Your Bags With This Airport Robot

The Geneva Airport tests an automated companion that will help travelers avoid lines and drop off luggage

Travel may 26, 2016

Robot Suitcase Can Follow You Around The Airport

This robotic suitcase can walk itself

Travel may 5, 2016

No More Lost Bags? Delta Embraces RFID For Luggage

The move towards the future is leading airlines into a more efficient age of baggage handling

Travel april 18, 2016

This Piece Of Luggage Will Ensure You Never Get Lost Again

Virtually indestructible luggage filled with techie features

Travel april 4, 2016

Luggage Startup Designs The Ultimate Carry-On

Former Warby Parker execs aim to change the suitcase market

Luxury february 15, 2016

Store This Collapsible Luggage Right Under Your Linens

Modelled after an armadillo, rolling suitcase collapses down to three inches for easy storage

Work july 13, 2015

Why Can’t All Luggage Be a Collapsible Dresser?

The Shelfpack is a travel trolley that transforms into a dresser so you don't have to unpack

Technology june 23, 2015

Unlock this Suitcase with Your Fingerprint

The Space Case 1 wants to be the most advanced suitcase in the world with smart tech enabled features including a biometric lock

Work april 23, 2015

Collapsible Carry-On for Under-the-Bed Storage

Barracuda is a collapsible carry-on suitcase packed with features that will make your day if you're a frequent flier

Luxury december 15, 2014

Startup Is Capitalizing On The Unused Space In Your Suitcase

Connect with strangers to ship your goods all over the world

Home december 15, 2014

Finally, a Suitcase That Holds Everything — even the Kitchen Sink

Italian designers poke fun at vain travelers who pack too much with a portable washbasin styled as a suitcase

Innovation december 5, 2014

Looking for Smart Luggage? Trunkster is Your Zipperless, High Tech Carry-On

PSFK talks with Trunkster founder Jesse Potash about creating streamlined luggage


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