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Op-Ed october 6, 2016

Marketing Studio Founder: How an Art-Infused Night Run Uncovered A New City

How lululemon, a running community, and LA created a virtuous circle of social engagement

Retail august 17, 2016

Lululemon Is Supporting Athletes With Their Own Limited-Edition Beer

A lemon beer was made available at the athletic brand's annual half marathon in Vancouver

Fashion august 12, 2016

How Lululemon Equipped Canada’s Olympic Team

The high-performance gear was designed in consultation with the athletes and created using the brand's proprietary technologies

Innovation january 14, 2016

Streamline, Personalize and Build Shopper Confidence [NRF 2016]

PSFK Labs outlines key trends for NRF from the Future of Retail 2016 Report

[Insight] Fitness has transformed from a lifestyle to a cult, says Wired
[News] Lululemon creates performance apparel for the Rio Olympics
Work december 2, 2015

How Brands Educate Customers to Make Ideal Product Purchases

PSFK Labs explores how creating customer confidence helps retailers like Lululemon position themselves as trusted partners in the sales experience

Arts & Culture september 16, 2015

Buy Your Beer And Drink It In-Store

Major retailers are integrating beer and wine bars to lure in customers for after-hours delight

Work september 2, 2015

Lululemon’s Revamped Pant Wall Takes Guesswork Out of Workout Clothes

The athletic apparel retailer is changing up its pants designs and categories approach to provide a "feel first" experience to customers

Innovation march 19, 2014

Lululemon’s New Line Lets Yogis Go Out After Class In Style [Pics]

The label's new line features double-duty pieces that can be worn to the gym and after.

Advertising june 18, 2013

Lululemon Scouts For New CEO With Traditional Banner Ads

Yoga clothing company thinks outside the box when selecting a recruiting method for finding a new company leader.

Luxury may 10, 2013

Lululemon Launches Aquatic Yoga At LA Hotels

Kimpton rolls-out yoga offerings across its boutique locations, including pool workouts at the Hotel Wilshire.

Home march 20, 2013

14 Stories You Need To Know Today

Lululemon's fail, Buzzfeed's ad network and Google to unify all chat features...links to start your day with.

Luxury february 7, 2013

E-Commerce Startup May Oust Lululemon From The Market

With its vertically integrated model that uses crowdsourcing and social media focus, Ellie looks to take on the luxury yoga brand.


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