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Culture january 26, 2015

Retro-Future Macintosh Hybrid is a Fusion of Bold and Old

Fantasy design takes Apple's obsession with thinness and touch screens in an inspired direction

Gaming december 8, 2014

Simple OS X App Helps You Concentrate On Writing

Typed is the Mac-only application that will help cut the distractions out of the writing process

Culture september 15, 2014

Mac Screen Clutter Transformed into Digital Collages

An artist displays the digital – as well as mental – landscape

Design september 5, 2014

MAC Debuts ‘The Simpsons’ Cosmetics

America's iconic cartoon family gets memorialized with limited-edition makeup line

Advertising february 4, 2014

Apple’s Newest Ad Was Filmed Entirely With iPhones [Video]

The tech giant released an 87-second video that depicts how their products are used around the world.

Home november 6, 2013

Security System Lets Users Knock On Their Phone To Unlock Their Laptop [Video]

A new way to unlock your Macbook without touching it.

Advertising november 27, 2012

A Look Back At This Year’s Apple Ads

Take a look at the various marketing efforts the tech giant has created in in 2012. A chaotic melange, or a continual fresh approach? You decide.

Design july 25, 2012

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Released Today [Headlines]

The latest operating system should probably be called iOS rather than OS X as it is the more like the mobile platform than any of its previous editions.

Luxury june 28, 2012

Orbitz Shows Higher Travel Prices On Macs Than PCs [Headlines]

If you're booking hotels using an Apple computer, you may be getting less of a bargain.

Technology june 15, 2012

Apple Will Let You Geo-Fence Your Friends [Headlines]

A new feature launching with iOS 6 will enable iPhone owners to notify their contacts when they’ve entered or left a specific location.

Technology may 31, 2012

Wireless Keyboard For Apple Products Powered By Light

Tech peripheral can charge via the sun or a lamp.

Advertising may 3, 2012

Social Media Is Causing Makeup Brands To Bring Back Discontinued Products [Headlines]

Shelved mascaras, shampoos, and lipsticks are being brought back by consumer demand on sites like Facebook.

Culture march 29, 2012

Control iTunes And Spotify With Hand Gestures

Innovative software allows Mac users to operate programs with simple motions.

Home february 28, 2012

Turn Your Mac Into A Motion Sensor Home Security System

An affordable alternative to monitoring your home when you're on the go.


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