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Technology august 22, 2016

Meet The AI Who Wants To Replace Hedge Funds

EmmaAI is a new fund automated through advanced machine learning to help make intelligent bets on the market

Financial Services july 20, 2016

Leveraging Machine Learning And Automation To Create Scalable Efficiencies

The Digital Transformation Playbook from BMC & PSFK Labs looks at how smart systems are being adopted to free employee time for meaningful work

Financial Services july 19, 2016

How Proactive Security Creates A More Secure Future

The Digital Transformation Playbook from BMC & PSFK Labs looks at how today’s consumers are generating more data than ever before

Technology july 13, 2016

AI Can Now Fool Us With Sound Effects

MIT researchers have created a new algorithm that matches sound effects to video

Health july 5, 2016

Pill-Dispensing Robot Can Recognize Who You Are

The world's first AI healthcare companion for the home can store, dispense and even order medication

Arts & Culture june 1, 2016

Funky Camera Only Spits Out Other People’s Photos

This camera is a bit unconventional: returning a stranger's photo for every one you take

[Inspiration] Teaching robots to flirt could help them understand social cues
Mobile may 23, 2016

Personalized Machine Learning Now Sits In Your Back Pocket

Snips is an AI platform looking to streamline the way you live your life

Arts & Culture april 11, 2016

Can AI Create Great Works Of Art?

By analyzing Rembrandt's oeuvre, machine learning has simulated a new work by the celebrated artist

[Insight] How chatbots and humans can handle different tasks in customer service
The world will change from mobile-first to AI-first, says Google CEO (Business Insider)
MIT artificial intelligence can predict 85% of cyberterrorism attacks (Gizmodo)
Technology march 23, 2016

Developers Are Moving Artificial Intelligence From Server Rooms to Phones

Apps like SwiftKey put AI in our pockets to help us sort out the patterns of human language


Robotic algorithms demonstrate artistry in music, painting and fiction (Daily Beast)
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