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[Insight] MicKinsey identifies where machines can already replace humans in the workforce
Technology october 31, 2014

3D Carving Machine for Makers

Carvey is a tabletop device that lets users turn ideas into real objects out of different materials like wood, metal and plastic

Work october 24, 2013

Machines Let Local Citizens Upcycle Their Own Plastics

Dave Hakkens has developed a number of machines that recycle plastic and let people create new products locally.

Arts & Culture october 22, 2013

Self-Harming Machines Exist Just To Destroy Themselves [Video]

Dutch artist creates destructive automatons to provoke empathy in human beings.

Technology october 28, 2012

Creating Technology That Has A Mind Of Its Own - Katrin Baumgarten [Video]

The designer explores the possibility of machines that think for themselves.

Technology october 9, 2012

New Captcha System Uses Feelings To Separate Humans From Machines

Everyday online activity is transformed to stop and make you feel.

Mobile august 11, 2010

SmartDiagnosis: Tunes For Troubleshooting

A new LG washer-dryer set uses a unique signaling method to relay machine problems.


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