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Arts & Culture july 1, 2016

Summer Camps For YouTube Stars Are Going Global

2bcamp in Madrid is a two-week experience that teaches 11-18-year-olds how to create quality content and build an audience

Travel june 10, 2016

Urban Lockers Let Travelers Explore Cities Sans Luggage

Old fashioned storerooms get a makeover for the modern traveler in Madrid, Spain

Work march 12, 2015

Museum Works Developed to Let the Blind “See”

The Museo del Prado launched an exhibition of 3D images that are truly heart-felt

Gaming & Play october 27, 2014

Silken Puerta América Madrid Hotel Pulls Off Design Masterpiece

19 of best designers, architects in the world create breathtaking Madrid hotel

Cities july 10, 2014

Madrid Artists Blend Contrasting Styles to Bring Colorful Street Art Murals to the World

Artists Remid and Okuda blend figurative and abstract styles to paint murals from Miami to Oslo

Luxury june 14, 2013

Water-Filled Condom Installation Lights Up Public Square [Pics]

Spanish lighting collective create installation inspired by rain.

Shapeways Blog on 3D Printing News & Innovation
Mobile april 26, 2013

Phone Company Renames Madrid’s Subway System

Vodafone has struck a deal to add its name and logo to one of the underground rail lines and the Spanish capital's Sol station.

Sustainability september 20, 2012

Rotating House Follows The Sun While Generating Power

A project by the University of Oporto has brought forth a moving home that creates energy from the sun, and expands to fit a growing family.

Home august 23, 2012

Madrid Train Station Doubles As A Sanctuary For Turtles & Tropical Plants [Pics]

Interior of railway is also a botanical garden and animal habitat.

Technology may 17, 2012

Ford Spain Bottles New Car Scent For Its Vehicles

The iconic car company turns an overlooked consumer need into a successful campaign to promote their own line of used cars.

Mobile march 6, 2012

Red Bull Launches Traveling Pop Up Music Academy

Red Bull creates an traveling space for mobile music creation.

Innovation december 13, 2011

Huffington Post To Launch Spanish Version — El Huffington Post [Headlines]

The online media outlet will branch out into new audience with its Spanish language version with headquarters in Madrid.

Arts & Culture november 30, 2011

Artist Creates Beautiful 3D Paper Sculpture Street Art [Pics]

Nuria Mora takes over public ad spaces in downtown Madrid.


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