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Design march 3, 2015

Statically Charged Sticky Notes Stick with Science

Magnetic builds reusable, sticky notes that aren't the type of sticky you're used to

Cities november 21, 2014

Japan’s Magnetically Levitating Train Tops 300 MPH

The experimental passenger train has the potential to bring urban centers within minutes of each other

Design october 22, 2014

The Wait Is Over: Full-Sized Hoverboards Have Arrived

Using innovative magnetic tech, this creation is making sci-fi fans and skating enthusiasts float from joy

Design october 17, 2014

Magnetic Bottle Hanger Makes More Room for Cold Brews

Drinks hanger could hold a piece of steel that weighs over 50 pounds

Design september 12, 2014

Magnetic Modular Backpack Inspired by Space Exploration

Four-part travel pack you can chop and change to match your requirements

Design june 19, 2013

Origami-Inspired Magnetic Furniture Snaps Into Place [Pics]

The Playtime Collection is made out of layers of wooden triangles that lay flat when unfolded and join together with magnets and clips.

Technology may 13, 2013

HIV Drugs Delivered Using Electro-Magnetic Particles

Drugs will counteract the brain barrier in the body, and may be the answer to curing fatal diseases.

Technology march 27, 2013

Tiny Cube Turns Any Speaker Into A Bluetooth Device

'The Vamp' attaches magnetically to speakers and enables them to receive songs from your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Technology january 11, 2013

Magnetic Helmet Helps Treat Depression

Researchers in Israel have developed a non-invasive way to treat brain disorders.

Advertising december 18, 2012

Draft Beer Machine Fills Glasses From The Bottom Up

The Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System injects beer into the bottom of the cup faster and seals it with a magnet.

Design may 22, 2012

Magnetic Case Transforms Smartphones Into A Hands-Free Wall Display [Pics]

Wallee M is a magnetic mounting system that allows iPhones and Androids to be easily transformed into hands-free displays in the kitchen, in cars, etc.

Design january 17, 2012

Building Blocks Snap Together To Create Autonomous Robots [Video]

Cubelets require no programming or wires and can perform a variety of actions.

Design october 3, 2011

Magnetic Nail Polish Is A Unique Attraction

Nails inc releases three special effects products that create patterns with metallic particles.

Advertising july 5, 2011

“Growing” Desk Transforms For Kids’ Needs

An innovative children's desk concept provides a functional surface for all kinds of creative activities.


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