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Technology may 25, 2016

Ingestible Robots Can Help Doctors Of The Future

Origami robot is capable of extracting objects or patching up small wounds

Work january 29, 2016

Draw Outside the Lines of What a Coloring Pen Should Be

Refillable and magnetic, a set of fine-liners with more creative possibilities

Technology november 5, 2014

‘Eye Catcher’ Reads Audience Expressions, Triggers Face Animation

This project from the Interactive Architecture Lab is an expressive interface that utilizes emotion recognition algorithms

Luxury november 7, 2013

Alessi Sunglasses Stay Together Using Magnets Instead Of Screws [Pics]

The stylish sunglasses’ frames and hinges are held together with attracting force rather than traditional hardware.

Work october 30, 2013

Magnetic Power Hold This Sleek Table’s Parts Together [Pics]

The Magneto table by Yiannis Ghikas can be assembled and disassembled without any tools.

Arts & Culture september 19, 2013

Magnetic Art Installation Records Gravity’s Invisible Pull [Video]

Artist manipulates ink and uses the earth essential force to create intricate drawings.

Design & Architecture august 19, 2013

Poster Transforms Into A Lamp When Folded Over [Pics]

Designed by Jean-Sebastien Lagrange, L-INK consists of a sheet of paper covered with conductive ink that turns on LEDs when the circuit is complete.

Work august 16, 2013

Google Glass Hack Allows For Prescription Lenses

Detachable eyepiece makes it easy to use your own glasses with the new technology.

Cities june 26, 2013

DIY Invisible Implant Helps The Visually-Impaired Navigate

Rich Lee implanted a magnet in his ear that can be used as an echolocation tool for the blind.

Luxury june 13, 2013

Floating Catalog Promotes Airline’s New Plane [Video]

Design agency creates a campaign to show off the capabilities of its latest machine.

Home december 7, 2012

Rube Goldberg Machine Defies Gravity

Toronto-based cinematography company, 2D House, uses magnets to change up the classic chain reaction.

Arts & Culture december 4, 2012

Calendar Displays The Date With Three Magnetic Rings [Pics]

A design concept that presents the date and day of the week in a creative way.

Technology october 31, 2012

Wirelessly Charge Electric Vehicles

A new technology uses magnets to refill car batteries without the need to plug it in.

Design & Architecture october 2, 2012

Magnetic Panels Allow Users To Stick Their Metalware Directly To The Wall

By mixing special materials into cement, dolomite and terrazzo, users are able to affix their pots, pans, knives, keys directly to the surface.


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