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Work january 29, 2015

Cast Projections From The Rear Of Your Bicycle At Night

A weekend's work will let you install the Cycle Chaser - a dynamic bike light that project patterns of light

Home february 20, 2013

Agency Office Gets A Pop Art Makeover To Help Inspire Creativity [Pics]

To complement the new agency structure, JWT Amsterdam created large-scale graphics on their walls and different areas for certain office tasks.

Design & Architecture june 11, 2012

Origami Kayak Unfolds & Is Ready-To-Use In Minutes [Video]

A large artist portfolio quickly assembles into a working boat.

Technology january 21, 2011

Apple Introduces “Tamper-Resistant” Hardware Screws, DIY Community Reacts

New hardware changes introduced by Apple spark an interesting debate about how much control manufacturers can really have over their products.

Design & Architecture january 11, 2010

(Pics) Sydney’s Hotel Piccadilly Makeover

Patricia Bondin and Antionia Pesenti of Make architecture studio recently released their designs for the renovation of Sydney's Piccadilly Hotel.

Design & Architecture november 23, 2009

(Pic) Futuristic Wind Instrument Made With 3 iPhones

MAKE points us to a mysterious musical instrument from Japan.

Innovation september 10, 2009

(Pics) Airless Tires by Resilient Technologies

Make has shared some pictures of a prototype airless tire currently under development for the U.S. Military.

Arts & Culture january 30, 2009
Advertising january 13, 2009

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