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Luxury march 21, 2016

Get Your Hands on 3D-Printed Replicas of Fan Fave Sci-Fi Shows

Science-fiction TV channel offers fans collectables that can be made at home

Work october 8, 2015

Ex-Makerbot Team Fast-Tracks Manufacturing with Drag-And-Drop 3D Printing

3D printing edges closer and closer toward commercial territories with Voodoo Manufacturing's rapid prototyping processes

Cities july 24, 2015

A Tour of the MakerBot Plant in Brooklyn

PSFK toured MakerBot's new 170,000 square foot MakerBot facility, one of the most advanced factories in New York City and in the global 3D printing industry

IoT june 22, 2015

Print Your Own Terminator in Time for Terminator Genisys Premier

Fandango and Makerbot 3D printer sweepstakes acknowledges that film's sci-fi technology isn't too far off

Retail april 21, 2015

PSFK Conference 2015: Retail Tour Includes Nightclub-Simulating Mirror

A glimpse into some of the most innovative retail spaces in SoHo, from Warby Parker to Makerbot to Birchbox

Technology january 28, 2015

3D-Printed McMansion Demonstrates Growing Capabilities to 'Pop Out' Large Structures

At this rate, could a giant 3D printer one day spit out an entire city?

Mobile january 19, 2015

Discover Retail Inspiration through Make-up, Yogurt, and Music in SoHo [PSFK Retail Tour]

Stop by 11 stores concentrated in Manhattan's inspiring Soho neighborhood

Design & Architecture november 19, 2014

MakerBot, Martha Stewart Team Up for Signature Colors and Creations

The 3D printing brand partners with the domestic queen to sell its PLA filament in a few of her favorite hues

Work november 13, 2014

3D Print an Entire Musical Instrument Collection

Makers can now download printable files for functional percussion instruments from Thingiverse

Design & Architecture november 10, 2014

MakerBot Celebrates Hello Kitty Anniversary with 3D-Printed Collectibles

The 3D printing company is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the iconic Japanese character with a series of printable figurines

Luxury october 21, 2014

Can 3D Printing Reshape the Agency World?

In-house printers can bring clients prototypes, not promises in a new tech challenge from Marriott

Innovation may 7, 2014

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Chrysler creates a plug-in minivan, Tumbler releases an app with 3.3 billion looks and Facebook to offer an advertising boot camp.

Luxury january 28, 2014

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Samsung to release their version of Google Glass, Facebook maintains international users, a newsstand that accepts Bitcoins, and more.

Technology january 9, 2014

11 Stories You Need To Know Today

Makerbot vs. iTunes, the Google catamaran, and more.


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