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Technology october 2, 2015

Read the Maker’s Manual and You Could Win $1 Million

What tools, platforms and services do you need to innovate from concept to reality? And could your best ideas get you on America's Greatest Makers?

Mobile october 1, 2015

10 Digital Tools Democratizing Making

Best-in-class resources helping the maker of today journey from ideation to sale

Sustainability september 28, 2015

How Making is Changing the World

Makers are encountering the toolsets needed to expand the reach and impact of socially-conscious projects

Cities september 16, 2015

How Intel Is Powering the Maker Movement

Everyday innovators of the DIY tech ecosystem can compete in America’s Greatest Makers TV show to win $1 million

Technology september 14, 2015

10 of America’s Greatest Makers in Tech

iQ by Intel in partnership with PSFK highlight some of the expert opinions featured in the recently re-released Maker’s Manual 2015

Partner Content january 20, 2015

PSFK x PCH Present Key Themes From The Maker Movement

Pioneers such as Billie Whitehouse (WE:EX), Carrie Motamedi (TechShop), Liam Casey (PCH) desribe a movement alongside speakers from Autodesk, Modbot, OnBeep & Shortcut Labs

Work january 16, 2015

What The Maker Movement Will Mean For Consumers & Brands

An expert panel discusses the themes driving the maker movement

Partner Content december 16, 2014

Liam Casey - "The Renaissance in Prototyping is Integral to Tech-Innovation"

Liam Casey, founder of PCH, speaks at the PSFK & PCH Presents the Makers Movement in San Francisco describing the benefits of new prototyping technologies

Mobile december 11, 2014

Indiegogo's Kate Drane on Makers Movement - "Crowdfunding Proves Demand"

Kate Drane from Indiegogo, speaking at PSFK & PCH Presents the Makers Movement in San Francisco, describes the holistic benefits that come with crowdfunding and how they increase the success of start-ups.

Advertising december 10, 2014

Carrie Motamedi at Makers Movement: “Democratized Creation and Access will Lead Innovation”

Carrie Motamedi, Head of Marketing and Company Culture at TechShop, speaks at the PSFK & PCH Presents the Makers Movement in San Francisco about how access to tools and a community of peers is key for success

Work december 9, 2014

Designer Billie Whitehouse at Makers Movement- "Collaboration is Crucial"

Billie Whitehouse, Founder of Wearable Experiments, argues collaboration is key for companies and brands to succeed at the PSFK & PCH Presents the Makers Movement in San Francisco

Partner Content october 29, 2014

How Maker-Friendly Tools Are Embedding Internet Connectivity into Everyday Objects

Maker tools are simplifying coding languages or creating ‘good enough’ shortcuts helping creators improve the features and functionality of their products to widen their appeal.

Work october 27, 2014

No Coding Required: New Tools Embedding Interactivity Into Maker Projects

New software tools and interfaces allow makers to connect their products to the Internet and begin experimenting with various types of interactive experiences.

Arts & Culture october 22, 2014

Revitalizing ‘Made in America’ Manufacturing

A burgeoning set of services can connect makers with the resources necessary to take their inventions into full-scale production


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