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Makeup Mirror Simulates Lighting From Different Locales

Mascara Has Become A Tool For Political Protest

Sephora’s Head Of Social Impact: Leverage Your Company’s Strengths For The Greater Good

Saving Sharks One Sugarcane Skincare Line At A Time

Can A Cosmetics Company Use Branded Content To Create Real Social Change?

Try Your Makeup On Using Augmented Reality

Changing Lipstick Adapts to Suit Different Complexions

Changing the Face of Augmented Reality Makeup Shopping

NARS 360-Degree Video Turns the Beauty Tutorial on its Head

  • 10 february 2016
  • IoT

Birchbox’s Breathable Makeup You Can Sweat In

  • 8 january 2016
  • Home

Makeup Mirror at CES 2016 Takes All the Guesswork Out of Beauty

Portable Makeup Printer Promises the Perfect Foundation Shade

  • 23 december 2015
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