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Fitness & Sport july 12, 2016

How 3D-Scanned Mannequins Could Change The Shape Of Fashion

The Paris Opera Ballet has started using custom-made figures to create better costumes and cut down on fittings

Work february 11, 2016

Mannequins of the Future Are Headless Robots

Shape-shifting dummies could change garment fitting in a big way

Retail august 12, 2014

Mannequins Tell People What They Are Wearing via Mobile App

Smart dummies use VMbeacon technology to communicate with shoppers within a 50-meter radius

Innovation april 10, 2014

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Security bug hits 66% of the Internet, Google enhances Comcast streaming and Yelp launches in Japan.

Work december 9, 2013

Swiss Ad Agency Crafts Mannequins After the Disabled [Video]

This touching campaign led a group of physically disabled people to see themselves differently, with the hope that others will too.

Design & Architecture april 9, 2013

Vivienne Westwood’s Storefront Features Domestic Abuse Mannequins [Video]

The British fashion designer creatively aimed to bring attention to the social issue using a window display in Milan.

Cities february 14, 2013

Store Mannequins Mimic Shopper Movements [Video]

'Marionettebots' in the window of a store in Shibuya, Japan create a whole new level of interaction between window-shopper and display.

Innovation december 18, 2012

Robotic Mannequins Transform Into Posing Models

In South Korea and Japan, human-like figures are making their debuts inside store windows.

Technology november 21, 2012

Benetton’s Store Mannequins Spy On Customers

Installed to capture data about shoppers, the EyeSee has a facial recognition camera in their eye socket to identify people's age, gender, and race.

Advertising october 3, 2012

Adidas Interactive Storefront Lets Shoppers Play Dress-Up With Virtual Mannequins

Sportswear brand debuts a high-tech shopping window to enhance user-experience.

Technology october 1, 2012

Lil Wayne's Mannequins ‘Change Clothes’ Through Projection Mapping [Video]

Designed to showcase the rapper's Trukfit line in Las Vegas, Pearl Media used the technology to display the entire collection on two figures.

Arts & Culture september 10, 2012

Are Mannequins Responsible For Women's Negative Body Image? [Video]

A new short film features mannequin creator Ralph Pucci, as he talks about body image and changing societal visions of beauty in his Manhattan factory.

Mobile february 3, 2012

Lifelike Robot Mannequin Interacts With Shoppers [Video]

The future of retail merchandising could see androids with human-like appearances.


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