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Work june 30, 2016

This Cloud-Enabled Robot Could Be Your Next Coworker aims to innovate automation with a webcam-enabled arm that can tend to various tasks without human intervention

Education june 28, 2016

Jaguar Land Rover Transforms Brazilian Children’s Center Into Street Art

Local Jaguar Land Rover workers celebrate the opening of a new manufacturing plant in Brazil with bold artistic expression

[Insight] How industrial manufacturers GE and Hitachi harness IoT technology
Retail june 15, 2016

Recycled Plastic Bottles Are Being Transformed Into Shoes And Bags

Timberland's partnership with Thread International creates environmentally sustainable textiles and jobs for workers in the developing world

Sustainability may 25, 2016

Ford Aims To Create Vehicle Entirely From Sustainable Materials

A dedicated research lab is transforming toxins into reusable materials

[News] Adidas returns mass manufacturing to Germany and US, supported by robot employees
Sustainability may 19, 2016

Plant-Based Renewable Packaging Debuts With JUST Water

New bottle features a cap and top made from material derived from sugarcane

Cities march 28, 2016

Levi’s: How Responsible Business Can Build a More Profitable Brand [PSFK Conference]

Leading up to PSFK 2016, we revisit some of our past amazing talks with Erik Joule discussing Levi's top-down commitment to sustainable manufacturing

[Inspiration] Brooklyn spearheads a fashion wearables revolution
Innovation march 18, 2016

3D Printing Hardware Supplies In SPAAAAACE

Lowe's to send commercial 3D printer to International Space Station

Retail march 9, 2016

The North Face Doubles Down On Locally Sourced Manufacturing

The garments from the retailer's newest clothing line are sourced entirely within the U.S.

Retail march 1, 2016

Dumping Fashion Waste on Craft Rooms Instead of Landfills

A Shanghai-based operation solves wastefulness with a bank-friendly business plan

Work february 19, 2016

3D-Knitted Shoes Made for a Mix-And-Match Lifestyle

Lightweight and formfitting shoes made through wasteless manufacturing

Retail december 10, 2015

adidas’ Intelligent Robots Will Have Your Feet Covered Faster Than Ever

An automated, decentralized and flexible manufacturing process will bring high-performance sporting goods to your door


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