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Redesigned Map Turns Paris Into A Circular City

Interactive Map Shows What You Need To Earn To Afford A One-Bedroom Across America

Minecraft World Contains A Full-Size Replica Of Manhattan

Mapping Platform Calls On The Crowd To Fill In Google’s Gaps

DIY Kit Lets Anyone Build A Working Computer [Video]

Augmented Reality Projections Turn Windshield Into A Navigation Screen [Video]

Spoof Ad Pays Tribute To An Unbreakable, Unhackable Navigation Device

Key Trends Driving Light’s Use As A Communication Tool [Future of Light]

Nike Remaps The London Tube Based On FuelBand Points

Abstract Maps Look Like Nude Female Forms [Pics]

Crowdsourced Map Locates Nearby Surveillance Cameras

City-Wide Foursquare Check-Ins Turned Into Art

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