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Technology november 28, 2011

Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Light Show Features 3D Projection Mapping

The popular luxury store uses new technology to put a creative spin on their traditional holiday light show.

Sustainability november 16, 2011

New York’s Grid Layout Stretched Over The Globe

Extend NY visualizes what New York's classic grid would look if the whole world conformed to it.

Technology november 15, 2011

Making Mental Maps Manifest

A German designer creates mashups of mental and real world maps.

Gaming & Play july 29, 2011

GE Explores The Future Of Flight In New Series

The Barbarian Group's latest collaboration with GE approaches the future of aviation (and its opportunities to improve) by gaming, storytelling and mapping.

Mobile july 5, 2011

A Map Of America Drawn By Cellphone Connections [Video]

MIT's latest project creates an image of the United States based on how people make contact with one another.

Mobile april 26, 2011

12 Billion Miles Per Year: Google Navigation On The Rise

The increasing use of Google Maps is changing how we traverse our lives

Cities april 20, 2011

Google Opens Map Maker To User Edits

Designed to expand and add detail to the map coverage, users can contribute features directly onto a Google Map and Google Earth for over 180 countries.

Advertising april 7, 2011

Vodafone Visualizes The Evolution Of Mobile Phones [Video]

A short film traces the evolution of cell phones from the Motorola 'brick' to the familiar Androids of today using 3D projection mapping technology.

Technology march 25, 2011

Could Google Earth Murals Be The New Billboards?

A failed art installation creates the potential for "global" advertising campaigns.

Arts & Culture march 22, 2011

Chronological Visualization Of How Knowledge Emerges

A compelling data visualization maps the history of the world according to Wikipedia data.

Innovation february 28, 2011

Multicolor Mind Mapping

A colorful method for charting the brain offers new insights into how connections form between neurons.

Technology january 28, 2011

Visualising Scientific Collaboration

Inspired by Paul Butler's Facebook Friendship Map, research analyst Olivier Beauchesne examined scientific collaboration from around the world between 2005 and 2009.

Work january 10, 2011

Grant McCracken: Making Culture, Mapping Culture

Remapping takes a world we know, and reworks how we see it. It's one way to make culture.

Travel january 4, 2011

Retronaut Cartography App Temporally Traverses London

A new augmented reality app lets users explore London through the centuries.


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