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Technology september 6, 2016

Google Is Leveraging The Power Of The Crowd To Improve Translations

Online volunteers have the opportunity to refine the company's rendition and mapping services through related microtasks

Arts & Culture june 1, 2016

An Interactive Map Serves To Protect Cultural Sites

How data can be utilized to possibly prevent future attacks on historical landmarks

Design & Architecture may 17, 2016

Create A Minimalist Map Of Your Favorite Place on Earth

Once the domain of sites like Etsy, making a custom map is now free and open-source

Technology april 18, 2016

Visualize The World’s Breaking News In Real Time

This news aggregator heat maps real-time events around the world

Mobile march 24, 2016

Reconfiguring News to Serve a World In Need of Omnipresence

In light of the attacks in Brussels, it's worth asking ourselves if news as we know it is flawed

Travel march 14, 2016

Revisit The Time You Drank Yourself Across The Country and Explored Hip Hop Landmarks

CEO of Citymaps on how a community comes to craft location-oriented content

Waze iPhone update takes into account expected traffic for drives
Design & Architecture may 27, 2015

Get Lost in a Hand-Drawn, Satellite or 3D Map

Beautiful Maps Tumblr displays cartographic works of art

Cities january 7, 2015

Colorful Heat Map Pinpoints Most Photographed Places in the World

A Google app map sorts out the cliches from the next big spots

Work december 17, 2014

Maps for Driverless Cars Will Have a Host of New Features

In addition to providing complex info to the cars themselves, they'll need to show human passengers what's going on

Luxury december 9, 2014

Apple Patent Suggests Maps Update To Include Public Transportation

Potential new features to include dynamic directions for bus and subway commuters

Arts & Culture december 4, 2014

Given 3 Words, App Can Lead You Anywhere on Earth

The geolocation platform is out to simplify navigating the world for everyone in it

Technology november 18, 2014

Japanese Cartographers Create Printable 3D Maps for the Blind

The Geospatial Information Authority (GSI) of Japan is developing the technology to create low-cost, topographical maps

Work june 13, 2014

Augmented Reality Signs Could Overlay Personal Maps On The Road Ahead

Artist Keiichi Matsuda's series of films explores how AR technology can create personalized wayfinding experiences in urban environments.


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