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Health november 25, 2016

Creating Cannabis Consistency Could Be The Path To Health And Happiness

Understanding the precise branding and marketing mission of a health and wellness brand delivering bliss and calm through cannabis-based solutions

Technology june 24, 2016

This Vaporizer Brings Coffee-Pod Technology To Medical Marijuana

A rush to develop new tech for the regulated pot industry reveals a device that borrows from existing kitchen appliances

[Insight] How a silicon valley investor played a big role in marijuana legalization in California
[News] Colorado institutes train foodies in weed pairing
Entertainment june 20, 2016

Microsoft Ventures Into The Business Of Legalized Marijuana

The tech giant, in association with KIND Financial, looks to track weed data for the benefit of states and growers

Advertising june 17, 2016

Unskippable Ad Shows The Perils Of Substance Impairment

This PSA illustrates how getting high impacts a driver's reaction time

[Stat] Legalized recreational marijuana plays factor in 17% of traffic fatalities in Washington state
Design & Architecture april 26, 2016

Designers Imagine A Packaging Rebranding For Marijuana

These cute and colorful designs could make marijuana usage and shopping more approachable

Home march 3, 2016

Beautiful, Centerpiece-Worthy Vase Doubles as a Bong

Ceramic vessel incorporates two disparate products into one

Arts & Culture january 15, 2016

Pushing Boundaries, Pipes Bring 3D Printing to Smoke Culture

Water pipes perfect for minimalist highs and spatial highlights

Op-Ed december 30, 2015

Max Gardner: Changing Marijuana Perception at the Brand Level

International branding agency Siegel+Gale on the need for marijuana to transcend its brand mis-identity

Luxury december 3, 2015

A Modern Cannabis Retail Store Experience

The Pineapple Express taps design firm, The McBride Company, to envision the future of cannabis culture (and consumerism)

Work august 27, 2015

Drones for Your Dro: The New Aerial Dealer

Trees Delivery is the newest face of on-demand weed, using drones to provide high-quality marijuana at an affordable cost

Advertising june 8, 2015

Rolling Papers Warn Against Smoking and Driving

Weed Advisor Rolling Papers educate marijuana smokers about the dangers of drugged driving


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