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Travel april 21, 2015

Brainwave Headset Lets Travelers Fly to their Dream Destination

S7 Airlines provided Moscovites with the opportunity to win free tickets to their dream destinations—provided they think hard enough

Mobile april 7, 2015

Coke Zero Pours You a Drink from the TV

'Drinkable advertising' campaign shells out free soda from an on-air commercial, billboard and more

Work september 18, 2013

Indie Designers Transform Bathroom Faucets Into Wearable Jewelry [Video]

Moen creates a line of necklaces made from their hardware to highlight the aesthetic quality of their product.

Technology january 21, 2013

Netflix Promotes Arrested Development With Fake Episodes

The site has added hidden links and content for the TV show, scattered throughout their site.

Work september 27, 2012

TV Show Ads Targeting The 1% Cover Wall Street

To promote the launch of new show Hunted, the network has created posters that feature a mysterious company and appeal to only a sliver of the population.

Retail september 26, 2012

Shop The Latest Trends At Target From A TV Show

The short film in three episodes, 'Falling For You,' will highlight fall fashion, beauty, and home products from the retailer and will allow viewers to share and buy directly without interrupting play.

Advertising may 11, 2012

Augmented Reality Placemats Announce Upcoming Events

UK restaurant Wagamama is using AR to allow diners to find out more about it's participation at this summer's music festivals.

Mobile march 13, 2012

Gap Ads Launch On Your Phone When You Pass A Poster

The clothing brand pushes mobile advertising to a new level by incorporating geo-fencing technology in its latest campaign.

Home january 2, 2012

Kraft Employs Age-Recognition Technology in New Sampling Campaign

Jell-O is supporting the launch of its new Temptations line of indulgences with a sampling machine that detects age prior to service.

Retail december 15, 2011

Ikea Campaign Highlights The Craftsman To Transform Consumer Perceptions

Shoppers were encouraged to view the store as a place where they could create their own custom home.

Luxury december 14, 2011

Gucci Launches Transparency Campaign With Its Artisan Corners

The legendary brand brings its expert craftsmanship across the world to special retail events.

Retail november 24, 2011

7-Eleven Stores In Australia Host Slurpee's Bring Your Own Cup Day [Video]

Customers brought unique and inventive containers like dog bowls, boots and football trophies.

Luxury november 14, 2011

American Airlines Promotes First Class Travel With Kevin Spacey

The airline highlights the "philosophy of understanding the individual flyer" in a new ad campaign featuring the Oscar-winning actor.

Technology november 8, 2011

Users Move And Bend Bodies To Unveil Exclusive Photos Of New Car Model

Puegeot launches its latest automobile model that enables website visitors to test their skills in order to reveal exclusive photos of the new model.


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