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Travel november 22, 2016

National Geographic Sets Up A Model Home To Replicate Life On Mars

Th publication has simulated a model home that could, in theory, sustain life on the red planet

Technology april 25, 2016

Explore The Red Planet In A Yellow School Bus

Lockheed Martin inspires the next generation of explorers with an out-of-this-world experience

[News] National Geographic is planning a series about traveling to mars
[News] NASA invests $65 million to build habitable systems for Mars
[News] Outer space DNA sequencing could test for life on Mars
[News] SpaceX plans trip to Mars in 2018 to prepare for manned missions
[News] Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans mission to Mars as early as 2018
Innovation january 27, 2016

A Grieving Set Designed for Mars Astronauts

For the coming space age, a new way to grieve

Luxury january 6, 2016

NASA Wants You to Explore Mars in a Z-2 Spacesuit

VR headsets let you touch down on the Red Planet

Work october 7, 2015

Mars Colonies Could Be Made Up of Giant, 3D-Printed Igloos

The Mars Ice House is NASA's contest-winning design and would leverage Mars' ice pockets as building material

Design & Architecture august 10, 2015

The High Fashion Mars Suit We've Been Waiting For

Alexandra Lucas' multilayered spacesuit, which includes protection against radiation, could help us land on Mars in style

Cities march 17, 2015

Space Lollypops are Out of this World

LIQNYC plays god, turns our solar system into consumable candy

Work january 22, 2015

NASA-Microsoft Venture Sends Scientists to Mars with Holograms

The HoloLens wearable tech from Microsoft puts NASA scientists on the fourth planet from the Sun

Luxury september 19, 2014

Colonizing Mars with 3D-Printed Structures

California engineer advances extraterrestrial printing technology amid growing trend of Mars settlement plans


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