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Innovation may 5, 2015

Trade in Your Headphones for a Personal Movie Theater

Mask is a mobile and very wearable movie theater

Design october 10, 2014

Try On Phone-Synced, Effects-Heavy Mask Just in Time for Halloween

These tricking and treating items work hand-in-hand (or eye-in-socket) with your mobile to create cringe-worthy FX

Culture november 16, 2012

Creators Project: The Future Of Television

Jeremy Bailey's art project has multiple TV channels projected on to his face as an expressive mask.

Design september 27, 2012

Pixelated Mask Helps You Hide From Facebook Stalkers [Pics]

Tongue-in-cheek artist's project aims to raise issues around identity and anonymity in a digital lifestyle.

Design february 28, 2012

Charge Your iPhone With Your Own Breath

A new concept design harnesses wind power using mini turbines by breathing into a special mask.

Culture november 11, 2009

(Pics) Eric Testroete’s 3D Big Head Mask

What do our faces say about who we are?

Culture november 11, 2009

(Pics) Eric Testroete's 3D Big Head Mask

What do our faces say about who we are?


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