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Arts & Culture may 19, 2016

Matchmaking Service Connects People Looking For Knowledge Instead Of Dates

'Brain dating' service pairs like-minded people to share skills and wisdom

Arts & Culture february 25, 2016

Matchmaking Service Lets You Follow Your Nose to Romance

This dating experiment sends smelly t-shirts to help you find love without visual bias

Technology february 21, 2014

Platform Auction Off Clever Inventions And Ideas [Video]

Innovations can now be transformed into reality with this new project.

Work january 13, 2013

Matchmaker Helps Entrepreneurs Find Business Partners [Future Of Work]

CoFoundersLab is a matchmaking app that connects people who are interested in starting new ventures.

Technology december 5, 2012

Dating Site Matches People According To Their Interests On Reddit

Can a person's subreddit determine their compatibility with a potential mate?

Mobile november 2, 2012

Play An Online Dating Game To Find The Perfect Mate

'The Game' app lets users spend and earn points to chat with a potential match.

Technology august 24, 2012

Facebook Tool Lets You Find Out If Your Crush Likes You

Huntcha lets you create a secret list of people you have crushes on and if they put you on their list as well, it will alert you that the two of you are a match.

Technology august 16, 2012

Dating Site Lets Children Help Their Single Parents Find A Mate [Video]

Service helps widowed or divorced moms and dads get a fresh start.

IoT july 11, 2012

Dating Service Pairs Singles With Friends Of Friends On Facebook

TheDatable ensures that ta potential mate won't be a complete stranger.

Work may 25, 2012

Online Dating Site Integrates Game Play Into Matchmaking is introducing seven games this summer designed to help members figure out whether they have chemistry together before going on a date.

Travel may 9, 2012

Controversial Dating Site Lets Beautiful Women Travel For Free

A matchmaking service pairs attractive travelers with wealthy companions.

Innovation april 30, 2012

Pheromone Parties Let You Pick Your Date By Their Scent

New matchmaking experience lets guests pick a potential partner based on their natural body chemistry.

Mobile april 18, 2012

Dating Site Matches You Up Based On Your Klout Score

Can your online influence determine your compatibility with someone else?

Gaming & Play april 6, 2012

Are Online Gaming Sites Better Matchmakers Than Online Dating Sites? [Infographic]

How playing MMO games like World of Warcraft can help you find a date.


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