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[News] New 3D printed construction material is both hard and soft
Technology september 9, 2016

This New Plastic-Based Fabric Keeps You As Cool As Bare Skin

A team of Stanford scientists believe nanoPE could ease our reliance on expensive cooling systems used in buildings

Fitness & Sport august 26, 2016

Conceptual Sportswear Created Out Of Futuristic Condom Material

A Dutch fashion designer is experimenting with new methods and fabrics to make high performance clothing

Sustainability august 26, 2016

Self-Healing Material Is Fashioned Out Of Squid Teeth

Penn State researchers have devised a new textile that uses organic proteins

Arts & Culture august 12, 2016

Temporary Tattoos Turn Your Skin Into A Mousepad

MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research have collaborated to create on-skin electronics that transform your body into an interface

Home july 19, 2016

Watch Time Fade With This Concrete Clock

Hours of the day dematerialize into shadowed remnants with this French-designed wall piece

Syndicated february 13, 2013

Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music

Book examines Yo La Tengo and the development of Indie Rock, and My Bloody Valentine to release a third album.

Design & Architecture october 25, 2012

Nissan Is Developing A Car Interior That Feel Like Human Skin

Engineers try to replicate the touch of a finger to create luxurious vehicle upholstery.

Technology september 20, 2012

Lab-Grown Leather Will Be An Eco-Friendly Clothing Option

Bioprinted cells can be used to make the material for premium goods and also as a source for meat.

Sustainability august 10, 2012

Wooden Computer More Energy Efficient Than A Normal One

Tablet made from environmentally sustainable material is more eco-friendly and reusable.

Design & Architecture july 13, 2012

Las Vegas Building Constructed From Over 500,000 Collected Beer Bottles

Recycled material enough to fill eight football fields used to build this manufacturing facility.

Technology july 5, 2012

Rubber Band Electronics Can Stretch To Three Times Their Size

New material could help medical researcher develop better human monitoring devices.

Innovation may 4, 2012

Breakthrough Material Could Turn Your T-Shirt Into A Touchscreen Panel

Newly created substance will revolutionize wearable electronic devices.

Design & Architecture march 9, 2012

New Larger Mercedes-Benz Is 200 Pounds Lighter [Pics]

The updated vehicle may look bulkier but it's not as heavy thanks to lightweight aluminum that is used to make aircrafts.


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