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Innovation december 17, 2013

Pebble Gives Smartwatches To 4,000 Science Students

What does a big batch of donated smartwatches mean for Pebble besides self-promotion?

Sustainability november 22, 2013

Toy Commercial Empowers Girls To Shun Barbie Princesses [Video]

Using a Rube Goldberg machine, GoldieBlox imagines the fun to be had by inventive girls.

Innovation november 5, 2013

Film Illustrates The Beauty Of Math In Everyday Situations [Video]

Artists’ video relates commonplace events to the math and science that make them happen.

Work january 22, 2013

Mathematical Algorithm Claims To Predict A Movie's Success [Video]

Researchers claim that an equation can accurately determine what will be a box office hit.

Technology october 17, 2012

Intel IQ: How Internet Access Can Help 'Shrink' The World And Connect Cities

By democratizing access to the internet, we could enable solutions for the entire population.

Design & Architecture may 22, 2012

Major Metropolitan Subway Systems Start To Take The Same Shape [Headlines]

French scientists find that the world's underground transportation systems have, surprisingly, nearly identical structures.

Gaming & Play december 8, 2011

Fostering A Love For Learning Through Game Mechanics [Future Of Gaming]

PSFK spoke about the Future Of Gaming with the founder of DimensionU, an interactive online gaming platform and learning resource intended to help students in grades K-12 hone their math and literacy skills.

Work may 3, 2011

Uniting Work And Play To Promote Innovation

An article in The Atlantic examines America's creativity crisis and the ways 'play' could serve as potential antidote.

Technology january 19, 2011

An Evolving 3D Fractal Landscape [Video]

Surface Detail by Tom Beddard explores a captivating fractal landscape that is ever changing.

Arts & Culture december 10, 2010

Lego Contraption Predicts The Next Solar Eclipse [Video]

A project uses simple building blocks for complex mathematical calculations.

Cities march 19, 2009

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