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Travel october 31, 2016

Airline Ad Showcases Tiny Versions Of Gourmet Meals

Singapore Air created a video highlighting the company's culinary prowess by making small, detailed replicas of their food

Technology september 6, 2013

How Movie Theaters Plan To Overcome The Pull Of Laptop Viewing

AMC Entertainment is focusing on improved food and drink options, and letting customers reserve seats in advance.

Sustainability january 8, 2013

Weight-Loss Fork Helps Users Slim Down

The HAPIfork sends vibrations and flares indicator lights when you're eating too quickly, to enhance digestion and reduce weight.

Work september 19, 2012

Home Delivered Fresh Ingredients With The Recipes To Prepare Them

Blue Apron makes cooking at home more convenient by sending users meal ideas and the exact amount of ingredients needed to prepare them.

Design & Architecture january 25, 2012

Insulated Bag Retains Heat To Slow Cook Food With Less Energy

Eco-friendly Wonderbags reduce carbon emission and costs while preparing meals.

Retail november 10, 2011

Grocery Store Collaborates With Masterchefs To Create Simple Recipes

Morrisons invites Michelin-star masterchefs to create delicious meals using supermarket-ingredients.

Technology october 20, 2011

Good Belly Project Uses Instagram To Help Feed Children In East Africa

Boston restaurants to donate money when someone posts a photo of their meal.

Technology april 2, 2010 A Visual Reminder Of What You Ate Last Week is a visual diary of meals you've eaten, partnering data with pictures to encourage thinking about what one is about to digest.


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