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Technology october 31, 2013

Hand-Held Frame Helps Students Capture Still-Life Perspective [Video]

A new measuring tool aims to instantly and simply improve a drawer’s technique.

Technology june 10, 2013

BMW App Gathers Driver Data To Optimize Speed [Video]

Automotive giant creates new app that uses in-car sensors.

Sustainability may 31, 2013

Photosynthesis Camera Informs Gardeners If Their Plants Are Healthy

Simple technology help everyone have a green thumb.

Innovation august 10, 2012

iPhone Sensor Detects If A Food Is Really Organic [Pics]

A device that plugs into your smartphone can measure chemical levels in various items.

Advertising may 29, 2012

Modified Nike FuelBand Measures The Health Of Twitter Accounts [Video]

TweetFuel motivates its wearers to tweet smarter and healthier to increase their online influence.

Innovation august 4, 2010

Measuring Balloons: Story Worldwide Responds To PSFK Future Of Health Report

A simple, cost effective and sterile method of measuring liquids for rehydration.

Work june 30, 2010

Seth Godin: BACO And Your Career

When you understand the alternative, it's far easier to not only measure your work, but value it.

Technology april 16, 2010

Tweet-O-Meter Measures Tweets From Around The World

Tweet-o-Meter is a twitter tool that measures the number of tweets from across the world.


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