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Work december 17, 2013

Phone Monitor Gives Real-Time Heart Health Updates

The smartCARD uses a camera to analyze fluid samples and gives a comprehensive portrait of your health.

Cities february 1, 2013

Hack Turns Bike Into Air Filtering Machine For Beijing [Video]

Artist Matt Hope is on a mission to combat the city's pollution with a bike that cleans the air and sends it to a mask worn by the cyclist.

Technology november 21, 2012

New Material Focuses, Instead Of Spreading, Radio Waves

MIT student Isaac Ehrenberg has created a concave lens using 3D printing that does the opposite of what natural rules dictate.

Design & Architecture november 21, 2012

Sun Lamp Sunglasses

Seqinetic offers glasses that bounce soft white light around your eyes, giving you more energy on dark winter days.

Technology may 23, 2012

Foldable Robots Inspired By The Art Of Origami

Engineers create mechanisms that can be flat-packed and morphed into 3D objects.

Innovation march 13, 2012

Spider Silk May Be Used To Build The Electronics Of The Future

Researchers found that the material conducts heat 800 times better than any other organic material, making it ideal for gadgets.


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