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Design & Architecture october 1, 2013

Augmented Reality Manual Helps Volkswagen Owners Repair A Concept Car [Video]

Notable German software company developes a way to display under-the-hood car mechanics in the third dimension.

Work march 18, 2013

Antique Devices Unzipped To Expose Mechanical Workings [Pics]

Hu Shaoming’s ‘Reconnecting Time’ exhibition features a vintage phone, clock, camera, and portable film camera fitted with zippers that reveal their inner tech.

Advertising october 3, 2012

Living Ecosystem Turns Seawater Into Fresh Drinking Water [Pics]

A futuristic-looking contraption to be part of a Smart Water Network infrastructure.

Retail july 21, 2012

DIY Motorcycle Shop Lets Customer Repair Their Bikes In-Store [Future Of Retail]

Motomethod has on-call mechanics that teach riders how to do their own repairs.

Innovation may 12, 2012

DIY Motorcycle Repair Shop Lets Customer Work On Their Bikes In-Store

Motomethod is a motorcycle repair shop that teacher riders how to repair their machines while receiving expert supervision from on-site staff.

Gaming & Play april 14, 2012

How Gaming Is Helping Us To Build Better Local Communities

Examples of platforms that are leveraging crowdsourcing to connect people in addressing common challenges.

Sustainability december 30, 2011

Game Mechanics That Drive People To Action: Rewards

Gaming systems are tapping into people’s inherent desire to be rewarded for their positive behaviors, developing creative ways to connect real world actions with earning points or currency.

Work october 24, 2011

Gold Surfaces Repair Themselves At Room Temperature [Headlines]

Micromechanical systems and electric switches are only work if the surfaces are very smooth and without any defects.


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