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Technology may 23, 2011

When Artist Meets Technologist: Rhizome's Seven On Seven

These projects may prove to be some early indicators of where the latest technical ideas will evolve.

Work april 14, 2010

When Artist Meets Programmer: A Talk With Lauren Cornell and Kristin Lucas

PSFK speaks with curator Lauren Cornell and artist Kristin Lucas about Rhizome's upcoming Seven on Seven event.

Mobile march 25, 2010

Location-Based Virtual Art: Curation Turns To Augmented Reality

The Virtual Public Art Project marries public sculpture and mobile technology to experiment with location-based art works.

Design & Architecture february 17, 2010

(Video) MzTEK: Providing New Media Education for Women

MzTek provide electronic workshops in London aimed at demystifying science for women and providing basic education in a variety of programming and electronic information.

Gaming & Play august 21, 2009

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