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[Inspiration] How technology has created a DIY market for medical innovation
[News] Google Deepmind AI enters medical research field
[Insight] Robotics’ medical revolution is still in its infancy
[Stat] AI assistants may save 15-30 minutes caring for each patient, reports hospital nurse
[Insight] Q&A: How health data availability impacts patient care
Health april 11, 2016

Google Has Patented a Drone Rescue Service

Could calling 911 soon become a thing of the past?

Design & Architecture january 2, 2015

Can Cold Compress Adhesive Bandage Concept One-Up BandAid?

Cold Compress bandage uses an endothermic chemical reaction to cool an injured area

Technology november 14, 2014

Smart Device Monitors Medications for Asthmatics, COPD

The Amiko is a small device that will make sure you take your asthma and COPD medications right

Work november 13, 2014

Prototype Device Diagnoses Prostate Cancer

European research organization Fraunhofer announces a product that's able to quickly, easily detect the deadly ailment

Work october 2, 2014

3D Printing Skin Grafts to Heal Burns

A young team has developed a new method -- and new hardware -- for bioprinting

Design & Architecture october 1, 2014

Printed Tech Envisions Personalized Monitoring and Treatment Devices

PARC's printable tech department, along with Smart Design, share plans to make a patch that measures health or delivers medication that can be applied to the skin like a BandAid

Luxury september 25, 2014

Disaster Kit Modeled After Crowdsourced Earthquake Relief Advice

The Second Aid box offers DIY tips and survival essentials with innovative design

Mobile march 3, 2014

Virtual Optometrist Can Write Prescriptions From The Web

A smart online eye test could help more people see the world clearly.

Integrated wearable sensor and specialist analysis for fertility prediction

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