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Work march 1, 2016

This Company is Building a Business on your Brainwaves

From meditation to med schools, seeing inside our brains is shaping the future

Syndicated january 14, 2014

Coffee May Be Able To Boost Long-Term Memory

One study claims that a cup worth of caffeine can help you create clearer, longer-lasting memories.

Gaming & Play june 10, 2013

Bionic Eye Could Give Vision To The Blind

Monash University is developing a technology that could allow the blind to recognize different objects and colors.

Innovation may 17, 2013

Protein Could Keep Ageing Hearts Beating Longer

Researchers at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute have found a way to rejuvenate the old muscles with young blood.

Home march 15, 2013

Electronic Tattoo Monitors Patient Symptoms Remotely

Scientists have developed a flexible circuit board that can be printed directly on to skin to transmit data back to a doctor.

Work march 5, 2013

Can Bomb Detection Technology Be Used To Check For Diseases Remotely?

Scientists are exploring the utility of a device that can diagnose hepatitis C remotely.

Sustainability march 4, 2013

iPad App Teaches Surgeons As They Work

Mobile surgical simulator lets medics in the operating room swipe and learn as they perform procedures.

Mobile february 21, 2013

Retinal Implant Gives Partial Sight To The Blind

Some previously visually impaired patients could read signs, tell the time and distinguish white wine from red after being fitted with the device.

Arts & Culture february 20, 2013

Facebook And Google Founders Create Science Prize

Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Yuri Milner have formed a foundation to recognize achievement and prowess in biology with eleven separate $3 million prizes.

Design & Architecture december 17, 2012

Paralyzed Woman Controls Robotic Arm Using Brain Waves

Device controlled by a new kind of computer program translates natural brain activity used to move our limbs into commands.

Advertising november 28, 2012

App Is Able To Monitor Disease Outbreaks In Real Time

ClickClinica provides real-time global disease surveillance by letting doctors record patients' symptoms with a single click.

Home november 18, 2012

Webcam Detects Behaviors That Signal Autism

By tracking the body movements of toddlers, this new system could lead to earlier intervention in autistic children.

Gaming & Play november 18, 2012

Citizen Scientists Combine To Identify Effective Cancer Treatments

Now interested people can help fight major diseases from the comfort of their own home, on their own time.

Syndicated november 13, 2012

Could Secrets Of The Sea Change Medicine, Economy

Science could harness genetic secrets of newly discovered microbial life – but there are fears of ecosystem damage.


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