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Health september 21, 2016

A Phone’s Flash Can Now Test For Anemia

Using the built-in camera, the HemaApp estimates hemoglobin concentration and screens for blood conditions that can sometimes go undiagnosed

Asia september 12, 2016

Jewelry Collection Doubles As Mosquito Repellant

Guard yourself against the dengue and Zika viruses with necklaces and bracelets accessorized with citronella beads

[Insight] Natural remedies could prevent a future drug resistance crisis
[Inspiration] Tablets help keep kids calm before surgery
[News] World Health Organization designs a fair pricing model for drugs
Health july 1, 2016

This Tablet Can Help Make Post-Diagnosis Decisions

The SIMBA Decision Aid was created to help breast cancer survivors determine next steps for a check-up plan

Culture june 29, 2016

This Service Uses Knowledge To End The Stigma Around HIV

An information-sharing app seeks to remedy the harmful social consequences that go along with an HIV-positive diagnosis

[Insight] Search queries can help identify early symptoms of diseases, says Microsoft
Design june 8, 2016

How Visual Language Can Help Us Better Understand Scientific Breakthroughs

Service matches neuroscientists and designers to translate research into illustrations

Health june 3, 2016

3D-Printed Pills Contain A Whole Day’s Medication

National University of Singapore develops ingestible mold to store different medicines

Technology june 3, 2016

Breathable Film Acts As A Second Skin

Researchers created a fake skin that aids in the healing process and reduces wrinkles

Health may 26, 2016

This Site Lets You Get Your Prescription Without Ever Visiting An Optometrist

This company lets you be your own optometrist from home

Health may 25, 2016

Ingestible Robots Can Help Doctors Of The Future

Origami robot is capable of extracting objects or patching up small wounds

Health may 18, 2016

Medical School Bets The Future Of Medicine Is Food

Tulane University spreads 'Food As Medicine' ideology by requiring that students learn how to cook


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