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Health august 11, 2016

Headband Helps You Achieve Better Focus And Sleep

The device uses extra-low frequency electromagnetic pulses to induce relaxation and a state of meditation

Children july 13, 2016

Mindfulness Meditation For Kids Is Now Available Through Your Phone

Headspace is an app that aims to give kids a head start on their mental development through meditative practice

Technology may 19, 2016

Headset Trains Your Mind How To Better Deal With Stress

Melomind was designed to guide users on how to relax during their day-to-day activities

Culture february 22, 2016

Headspace Invites You to Make Meditation a More Material Experience

Pods inspired by geological forms encourage dedication to relaxation

Floating may replace yoga as an effective meditation technique (Smashd)
Advertising january 29, 2016

Plumped Down in a Pod, Prepare to Plug In to Unplug

Traditional mindfulness delivered by a not-so-traditional medium

Innovation december 21, 2015

This Health-Tracking Bracelet Works on Your Mind, Too

Not just a step tracker, this wearable helps you achieve mind-body balance through goals centered around guided meditation practices

Culture september 17, 2015

Zen Sand Garden Lets You Etch-A-Sketch to a Meditative State

Designer Jonathan Odom created XYZen Garden to provide meditation with cues from the mechanical drawing toy

Editors Pick april 9, 2015

Meditation Has Become a Non-Negotiable Must [PSFK 2015]

Before leading a meditation session at PSFK 2015, Elena Brower shares her thoughts on the power of meditation in a digitally drowned world

Cities january 12, 2015

Meditation Nightclub Offers Alternative To Las Vegas Scene

Clubgoer brainwaves produce a blur of fused art, tech, and neuroscience

Culture november 28, 2014

PSFK Gift Guide Spotlight: Tälja Wood Carving Kit

Channel your inner Ron Swanson with this handmade creative meditation product

Advertising october 21, 2014

Guided Meditation Offers Relaxing Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift demo features virtual trips to paradise

Design october 17, 2014

Simple App Promotes Health, Awareness and Mindfulness, Simply by Unplugging

Mindfulness meditation app designed to boost brain function, promote calm, and ease stress

Culture july 1, 2014

Brainwave Lotus Blooms When You Relax, Helping Meditation Practice

The handcrafted brass flower uses a brain-sensing headset to help users relax.


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