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Work april 15, 2015

Social Media's Changing Needs—According to Know Your Meme Creator [PSFK 2015]

Social Media Expert Kenyatta Cheese shares what he’s learned about the culture of the Internet ahead of his talk at PSFK 2015 (April 17)

Cities september 5, 2014

$1M Grant Dedicated to Researching Memes

As an unusual research project reaches maturity, those whose tricks it exposes get angry

Luxury may 28, 2014

Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

IBM's Watson helps dermatologists make diagnoses and a device that lets you conduct medical tests at home. Innovative stories from the world of wellness.

Mobile january 9, 2014

Why Selfie Olympics Is The Latest Viral Meme

In the lead-up to Sochi, people the world over have taken to the Internet to one-up each other with extreme selfies.

Work december 29, 2013

Why Street Art’s Future Lies Within The Internet’s Walls

Rapidly spreading visual ideas, as it turns out, have lessons for anyone trying to get their product out there.

Innovation august 21, 2013

Hot Dogs Or Legs Tumblr Pokes Fun At Popular Instagram Selfies

A blog that quickly went viral picks up on the resemblance between a certain kind of photo and the processed meat.

Technology february 14, 2013

Will The Harlem Shake Surpass Gangnam Style? [Video]

4,000 videos of the Internet's latest dance craze meme are being uploaded every day.

Technology november 2, 2012

Hollywood's Leading Men Dressed As Women [Pics]

A hilarious user-generated photomanipulation project seamlessly showcases how some of Hollywood's most famous faces would look like if their genders were switched.

Mobile october 23, 2012

Camera App Automatically Writes Clever Captions For Photos It Sees

Frank Said What analyzes each image to come up with an individual response.

Arts & Culture september 5, 2012

Artist Brings Back Internet Meme 'Technoviking' As Tweet-Powered Head

Artist Wafaa Bilal questions what it means to 'go viral' with a giant installation that pays homage to a 2007 Internet sensation.

Technology december 1, 2010

4chan Owner Asserts Midas Touch For Memes

Moot demonstrates the creative power of a playful, unexpected, intervention into turbulent fast moving systems.

Arts & Culture november 24, 2010

Collective Performance Art: The Lying Down Game

Bizarre lackadaisical fad snowballs into global participatory public art installation.

Innovation july 29, 2010

Inception And The Rise Of The Meme

Christopher Nolan’s Inception has received plenty of buzz about its cast, direction, score, and intricate plot, but there is something more to this summer blockbuster worth considering.

Work march 24, 2009

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