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USA november 16, 2016

Snapchat Spectacles Will Be Dispensed In Vending Machines

The machines, called Snapbots, will be set up all over the US in the coming months

IoT september 24, 2014

Create Your Avatar to Pass On to Future Generations

Yourbot preserves the past by digitally immortalizing your psychological profile

Technology june 18, 2014

Brain Activity Monitor Sees Memories Form In Real Time

Breakthroughs in neuroscience could allow us to peer into our own minds like never before.

Arts & Culture march 26, 2013

Museum Turns NYC Pay Phones Into 90s Time Capsules

In a campaign for the New Museum, Droga5 has turned city phones into booths where passersby can hear local stories from 1993

Technology january 10, 2013

Digital Will Lets Users Leave Behind Multimedia Messages

PassedOn is a free platform where people can save thoughts and wishes for their loved-ones to view after they have passed away.

Gaming & Play september 21, 2012

Developer Creates A Video Game That Lets Players Explore His Memories [Video]

A new gaming experience is filled with personal data and images.

Advertising september 20, 2012

App Wipes Facebook Timelines For A Day To Raise Awareness For Alzheimers

An awareness campaign asks people to donate their 'memories' for World Alzheimer’s Day, causing all of their posts, friends, photos, etc. to disappear for the day.

Home september 14, 2012

New Tool Organizes Instagram Photos Into A Virtual And Physical Book

PastBook solves the problem of browsing your scattered photos on the web by cataloguing them into a book that you can download as a PDF or have printed.

Sustainability april 28, 2010

How I Met Your Motherboard Collects Stories of Early Computing Memories

Long before the names of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook were rolling off everyone's tongues, there was an age of computing innocence pre-dating the dawn of the Internet.

Retail february 11, 2010

(Pics) Frozen In Time: Lewis's Fifth Floor Department Story

Frozen in time, and hidden from the public since the late 80s, a new book and exhibit will explore the iconic Lewis's department store.

Technology january 6, 2010

Emerging Theme: Pressure Management

How are people dealing with emerging health issues brought on by anxiety?

Design & Architecture may 7, 2009

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