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Technology july 18, 2011

Is The Internet Making You Forget?

Our increasing reliance on the Internet to answer virtually any question has handicapped our ability to remember the simplest of facts.

Innovation june 13, 2011

Making Ourselves Smarter With Mental Exercise

University of Michigan researchers develop intelligence boosting tests which question intelligence as inherited vs. trainable.

IoT may 6, 2011

Remixing Social Memory With The Internet Of Things

Memories become metadata at Manchester's FutureEverything Festival.

Work february 24, 2011

Apple’s New MacBook Pro Is Now Twice As Fast

Apple's update features faster processing speed, new graphics technology and an HD FaceTime camera.

Luxury february 23, 2011

The Trick To A Great Memory? It’s All About Creativity

A keenly creative visual and spatial imagination can help you commit more to memory.

Technology february 16, 2011

Exploring Memory And Perception Through Flickr

German artist Matthias Dörfelt uses openFrameworks and images from the photo sharing service to create a remarkable installation.

Innovation february 11, 2011

The Images We Carry: Why The Brain Prefers Certain Visual Data

Our intuitive process of storing mental images resides outside our control, and perhaps with good reason.

Advertising december 14, 2010

Friends With Cognitive Benefits: Social Interaction Helps Problem Solving

Speaking with others in a friendly, rather than competitive tone boosts the part of the brain that helps us solve everyday problems.

Luxury october 4, 2010

A 100 Year Diary

"My Life Story" is an interesting concept that's designed to let you document your life from birth to death.

Design & Architecture september 23, 2010

A Portal to the Mind: How Gestures Relate To Learning And Memory

Scientific American explores how our gestures can have a profound influence on how we take in new information, and explains why they can also offer clues to how we think.

Advertising september 9, 2010

Vitamin B Gives Hope To Alzheimer’s Patients

A recent study conducted by Oxford University is indicating that large doses of vitamin B can help halt memory memory loss.

Mobile august 30, 2010

Digital Brains Vs. The Active Rehearsal Of Information

What is the impact of cellphone technologies on our memory?

Innovation april 26, 2010

Dreaming Can Improve Memory

A recent study highlights the mental benefits of dreaming.

Innovation march 26, 2010

Dreams Can Help In Becoming More Creative

More and more researches are suggesting that dreams are necessary for long term memories and creativity.


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