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Arts & Culture march 31, 2016

Biographical Comic Explores New Form Of Digital Storytelling

Australian designer looks at war and the impermanence memory in an interactive webcomic

Technology january 15, 2014

Music-Playing Wristband Cements Long-Term Memories

San Francisco-based Sheepdog Sciences has created a device that helps you learn while sleeping.

Syndicated january 14, 2014

Coffee May Be Able To Boost Long-Term Memory

One study claims that a cup worth of caffeine can help you create clearer, longer-lasting memories.

Home november 20, 2013

Fabric Buildings Let Visitors Walk Through A 3D Blueprint [Pics]

Artist Do Ho Suh’s newest installation represents the last two places that he lived in a 1:1 replica, building one home inside of the other.

Luxury march 26, 2013

Restaurant Bakes Memories Onto Its Plates

London restaurant Dishroom takes inspiration from Bombay Cafes by adding stories onto crockery.

Work february 12, 2013

Why Facebook Posts Are More Memorable Than Other Online Writing

A study conducted by Warwick University sheds light on how human memories prefer short, natural snippets over polished content.

Retail september 21, 2012

10 Designs That Will Change The Cooking Experience [Pics]

A 'smart' spoon that tells you what you need to add to your meal to an at home molecular gastronomy machine, see the 10 finalists from the Electrolux Design Lab.

Work september 8, 2012

The Meaning Of Ownership In An Era Of Digital Objects [PSFK London]

Author and interaction design researcher Richard Banks shares his thoughts on the interaction between storing memories digitally and physically.

Sustainability june 7, 2012

Wearable Tech Glove Gamifies Arthritis Therapy

BrainTap is a gaming glove for arthritis and memory exercise developed by a team from the Werkhaus Design Studio.

Cities november 15, 2011

Making Mental Maps Manifest

A German designer creates mashups of mental and real world maps.

Arts & Culture october 10, 2011

Nostalgic Tribute To 80s Childhood Toys [Video]

The two-minute King of Legoland video shows a variety of retro childhood toys that were vastly popular in the 1980s.

september 29, 2011

People Learn While They Sleep, Study Suggests [Headlines]

Scientists speculate that an unconscious form of memory may enable the brain to process information without one's awareness.

Technology september 15, 2011

Any Computer Can Now Have Infinite Memory Storage

Your hard drive could now instantly have limitless storage capacity with cloud service like Bitcasa.

august 18, 2011

Nano-Structured Glass Chips Are The Latest Form Of Computer Memory [Headlines]

They look like whirlpools of light trapped in a piece of round glass, but these nano-structures may be the next type of computer memory.


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