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[Inspiration] Uggs menswear appeals to fashion’s rebels
[News] Male shoppers drive growth for fashion shoe brands
Travel june 20, 2016

Hilton’s Latest Campaign Improves Travel Planning Skills

The hotel giant has launched a content platform dedicated to the male consumer

Advertising may 11, 2016

This Phone Case Will Alert You When You Smell Bad

A NIVEA downloadable app is trying to put an end to excessive body odor

Arts & Culture november 7, 2014

Movember Goes Digital with Hairy Screensaver

A bro culture joke has gone not only digital but proactive with a fundraising screensaver

Retail october 2, 2014

Beardbrand Oil Scents Based on Fragrances of Guilty Pleasures

The Four Vices Beard Oil is a mild scent combining notes of tobacco, coffee, hops, and hemp cannabis

Cities september 12, 2014

Urban Beardsmen of Europe Photographed to Promote UK Brand Launch

The most stylish facial hair sporters captured in series for 'Urban Beardsman' magazine

Sustainability july 10, 2013

Urinal Doubles As A Sink To Conserve Water [Pics]

An environmental initiative that encourages men to was their hands at the same time.

Technology may 6, 2013

Celebrity Curated E-Commerce Site For Men

Online retail space provides interactive content and handpicked products from influential stars.

Technology july 6, 2012

How Do Different Genders Use Social Media? [Headlines]

An infographic detailing statistics for how many men or women use popular websites such as LinkedIn or Pinterest.

Work june 22, 2012

Tailored Suits Let Men Dress Like Superheroes For Work [Pics]

A new corporate wear collection inspired by comic book characters.

Luxury may 30, 2012

Luxury Service For Men Delivers Surprise Products To Their Door

'Svbscription' makes it easier for those who appreciate the finer details of culture to own rare and exclusive products and experiences through home delivery.

Retail may 12, 2012

Ben Lerer: Our Drive For A Deeper Level Of Engagement [Video]

Thrillist co-founder talks about building web entities that are both valuable to an audience and have intent built into them.

Technology february 16, 2012

Women Prefer Pinterest And Men Prefer Google+ [Headlines]

Research suggests that popular social networks attract genders at different rates.


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