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Automotive september 9, 2016

Dashboard Assistant Will Make Your Next Car A Self-Parking Mobile Office

Mercedes is pioneering a new technology that will enable your vehicle to help with driving and work

Automotive august 23, 2016

Mercedes Dreams Up The Ultimate Luxury Car

For the new concept vehicle, designers created contrasting ideas of 'hot and cool'

Luxury october 31, 2013

14 Stories You Need To Know Today

Google dominates headlines with new and improved Glass as Plus attempts to be your go-to photo site.

Advertising september 27, 2013

Mercedes Spot Uses Chickens To Illustrate New Car Features [Video]

The latest ad by the car company demonstrates the new suspension system in the latest S-Class model.

Luxury september 10, 2013

Fun-Loving Mercedes Ad Targets The Young And Newly Wealthy [Video]

Filmmaker Casey Neistat's ad for the Mercedes CLA-Class features him on a skateboard and being towed around by the car.

Home july 22, 2013

Luxury Restaurant Showcases The Mercedes Brand Experience [Pics]

Designer Franky Claeys created an in-house eatery at The Mercedes House in Brussels.

Technology june 20, 2013

Ford Uses Robot Drivers To Test Vehicle Durability

The automaker has developed a system that allows for driverless execution of dangerous and repetitive stress tests.

Technology may 30, 2013

Mercedes In-Car QR Codes Could Save Drivers’ Lives

Automotive brand adds info for first responders to side mirrors in the form of scannable codes.

Innovation may 21, 2013

Mercedes Self-Driving Car Senses When Its Driver Is Tired

A host of autonomous features makes the new S-Class leader of the pack for automotive engineering.

Advertising may 16, 2013

Mercedes Concept Car Transforms Any Road Into A Drive-In Theater [Pics]

The new GLA car has laser beam headlights that can project videos or images anywhere.

Design & Architecture february 25, 2013

Mercedes Develops High Design SmartCar & Matching Accessories

The collaboration with firm BoConcept features a special edition vehicle and a "smartville" collection of furniture and accessories.

Advertising february 3, 2013

PSFK Picks: Top Superbowl Ads To Watch

A roundup of our favorite ads that will air during Sunday's big game.

Luxury december 14, 2012

Mercedes Uses Car Engine To Bake Holiday Cookies [Video]

The luxury car company uses the SLS AMG GT3 as an oven to make sweet treats.

Work november 7, 2012

Mercedes Cars That Can Automatically Brake & Swerve Around Pedestrians [Video]

Continental's stereo camera can work alongside its Emergency Steer Assist system to prevent collisions.


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