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Mobile january 15, 2015

Communicate With Businesses Through Friend-Like Texting

Path Talk simplifies the customer service experience as only friends would know

Design march 1, 2013

Bracelet Signals Incoming Texts And Emails By Flashing Different Colors

Embrace+ is a piece of wearable tech that can be set to glow based on different notifications or contacts.

Advertising february 11, 2013

Tracey Emin’s Neon Messages Appear In Times Square For Valentine’s

The British artist's work will be shared with New Yorkers on large digital displays throughout the month.

Advertising february 6, 2013

Samsung Creates Suicide Prevention Bridge In South Korea

The Mapo Bridge in Seoul has been transformed into an interactive environment featuring positive images and videos that are motion activated.

Technology january 31, 2013

Facebook Lets Users Anonymously Find Casual Sex Partners Among Their Friends

'Bang With Friends' lets you select contacts in your network you'd have sex with, only if they are interested will you both be notified.

Technology january 10, 2013

Digital Will Lets Users Leave Behind Multimedia Messages

PassedOn is a free platform where people can save thoughts and wishes for their loved-ones to view after they have passed away.

Advertising december 19, 2012

Personalized Billboards Update In Real-Time As Driver Approaches

The Transport Accident Commission in Australia is using ad space to let people send road safety messages to their family and friends.

Culture october 31, 2012

Send An Email By Playing The Drums [Video]

Alec Smecher has created a way to use the instrument in various combinations to form onscreen characters and letters.

Culture october 23, 2012

Tree Prints And Drops Paper Leaves Containing Messages

'Leaf: Autumn 2012' is a sculpture with mini thermal printers on the end of each branch that generates notes written by visitors.

Culture august 7, 2012

Personal Notes Found In Second-Hand Books Curated Into Digital Archive [Pics]

Artist catalogs handwritten messages into an interactive online project.

Advertising june 27, 2012

Facebook Changes Users’ Listed Email Adresses Without Warning [Headlines]

The social network rolls out new feature and replaces users' listed email addresses with '' alternative.

Advertising may 31, 2012

40% Of Social Media Accounts Are Run By Spammers [Headlines]

Websites like Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter are hotbeds for online advertising scams now that email filters have reduced traditional audiences.

Mobile may 8, 2012

App Self-Destructs Sexts After Ten Seconds

New technology prevents intimate photos and messages from being shared with others without the permission of the sender.

Design march 19, 2012

Wall-Mounted Recorder Lets You Leave Messages For Friends And Family [Video]

'Record me' lets you leave and play back vocal notes instead of writing them out.


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