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Millennials october 12, 2016

Why Augmented Messaging Could Change How We Chat

Cyril Paglino, CEO of Tribe, is developing a new way to communicate that blends video and text

Technology june 6, 2016

Google’s New Messaging Service Is Rooted Deeply In AI

A more dynamic chat experience that is predictive and contextual

[News] Google releases Allo, a smart messaging app to compete with WeChat and Whatsapp
[Stat] 1.4 billion people use messaging platforms monthly and spend, on average, 23 minutes a day on chat.
[Insight] Snow brings Snapchat-inspired messaging to China
[Stat] 77 of the Fortune 100 companies use Slack
[Insight] Messaging stickers are social currency, say mobile investors
[Insight] Snapchat claims to have replaced TV for millennials
Retail april 27, 2016

Kik’s Marketplace Launches With A Branded Chatbot Experience

Social circles quickly flock towards new messaging platforms, with brands following suit

Mobile january 26, 2016

“Talking is a Lost Behavior”: Messaging for Those In Need of an Ear

As easy as a walkie-talkie, a messaging app is helping you talk more

Technology december 8, 2015

How a One-Stop App Can Make Messaging Less Frustrating

Cola aims to become the mega messaging platform of the moment and has real potential to override the likes of WhatsApp

Work november 26, 2014

DrawType Lets You Add Your Creations to Text Conversations

Who ever said texting had to be all about text?

Mobile june 26, 2012

How A RIM Breakup Would Affect The Mobile Industry [Headlines]

If Research in Motion, maker of the Blackberry, were to go under, the company who acquires their assets may come out ahead in the smartphone game.

Work june 2, 2012

How Enterprise Collaboration Tools Will Change The Future Of Work

PSFK's Consulting team looks at a new breed services that allow co-workers to seamlessly connect and work on all aspects of a project.


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