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Technology june 17, 2016

Building The Branded Chatbots Of The Future

A startup is creating intelligent and responsive human-like AI to serve an ever-expanding range of roles

Travel june 20, 2013

Twitter Map Shows How Many Tourists Are In A City [Pics]

Find out who uses an iPhone or Android, speaks French or is only visiting in your city.

Technology january 25, 2013

Google Unveils Faster Image Search

To help people find pictures quicker, the search giant is releasing a new layout with results and metadata available in an inline panel.

Advertising august 30, 2012

Google Can Now Automatically Tag Objects Within Videos

A new patent will mean that everything within YouTube videos can be instantly 'labeled.'

Sustainability june 21, 2012

MIT Platform Uses Smartphone Data To Detect Social & Behavioral Trends

Start-up Behavio unlocks your phone’s senses to generate more refined metadata that unlocks meaningful information about communities.

Work march 24, 2012

Behance Update Takes Design Trend Research To A Higher Level

As part of his mission to organize the creative world, Scott Belsky allows his creative portfolio site to act like a research portal.

Arts & Culture november 25, 2010

Gallery Scans Art Buyer's Interests

Acclair Neurocapital Service's harnesses brain waves to pose provocative questions about the worth we place upon art

Work october 28, 2010

Twitter Grammar Lessons

Designer Chris Messina discusses micro-blogging syntax.

IoT september 15, 2010

Google Books: The 'Last Library' And Metadata

Is Google committing several errors when digitally scanning books? An expert's view.

Arts & Culture august 31, 2010

Redefining The 'Now'

Nova Spivack, founder of semantic search engine Twine, discusses how the real-time web is redefining our experience of time.


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