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Travel august 25, 2015

Cars May Disappear From This Mexico City Road

Corredor Cultural Chapultepec is a pedestrian-only overpass that could forever change a road whose history dates back to 1532

Work june 10, 2014

The Creators Project: Sewable Circuit Boards Create Jobs In Mexico

“Performative intervention” gives residents in Mexican cities the chance to work for $7.50 an hour.

Mobile january 14, 2014

Voice Service Provides Internet Access To The Digitally-Illiterate

Verbal is a audio-enabled platform that wants to give Internet access to people who don’t own computers or mobile devices.

Technology june 6, 2013

Artist Attempts To Print Out The Entire Internet

A tribute to the late activist Aaron Schwartz involves creating a physical copy of as much of the world wide web as possible.

Luxury november 19, 2012

Wallpaper’s Best Business Hotels Of 2012 [Pics]

The magazine ranks its favorite working and living spaces-- but what makes the winners shine?

Work october 25, 2012

Artist Turns 6,700 Confiscated Weapons Into Musical Instruments [Pics]

Project addresses violence by upcycling scrap metal from weapons into functional instruments.

Arts & Culture august 27, 2012

Album Soundwaves Translated Into 3D Printed Landscapes

Music becomes tangible in this project by Mexico-based studio Realitat.

Cities november 1, 2011

Bicycles Roll Into Fashion In Mexico City [Headlines]

The emergence of bikes and bike sharing in a traffic-clogged and pedestrian unfriendly city is surprising.

Design & Architecture october 5, 2011

200 Feet Under: An Underground Skyscraper [Pics]

An architectural concept for Mexico City is a new skyscraper that burrows underground rather than reach for the sky.

Luxury september 13, 2011

Can Kafka Subway Billboards Boost Literacy in Mexico? [Headlines]

One of Mexico City's largest book retailers has partnered with the transportation authority to place excerpts from a Kafka story in 13 of the city's subway stations.

Advertising july 5, 2011

Monocolumn: The Drug War – Why Not To Fight Fire With Fire

In luxury magazine Monocle's daily column they discuss the best method to tackle the war on drugs in fraught Mexico.

Innovation december 1, 2010

Christmas Trees For Rent

Siempre Verde, based in Mexico City, offers a sustainable solution for the holidays.

Cities august 24, 2010

(Pic) DIY Backpack Made From Plastic Bags

The 01Mathery design group offers one solution to the world's overabundant supply of shopping bags.

Sustainability august 23, 2010

No More Plastic Bags For Mexico City

The capital city moves aggressively against pollution.


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