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Technology march 14, 2013

Human Body As The Password For Secure Access

BodyCom by Microchip uses the human body to keep guns and power tools safe through simple and secure authentication.

Innovation february 6, 2013

Chip Can Diagnose HIV In 15 Minutes

The mChip is a cheap, portable and accurate device that analyzes a single finger prick.

Mobile november 14, 2012

Technology Lets Users Control Smartphones With Gestures

GestIC technology from Microchip could enable gesture-based user interfaces for a range of devices.

Design & Architecture october 1, 2012

NFC Business Cards Let Users Tap Phones To Share Contact Info

MOO lets customers can choose what to put on the microchip (portfolios, music, videos, web page links, maps, apps, etc.) and it can be updated so they never go out of date.

Design & Architecture december 16, 2010

Digital Tylenol: Microchip Embedded Into Spine Stops Chronic Pain

Smart chip pioneers' pain prevention device bonds with humans for beneficial health outcomes.

Innovation august 12, 2010

Scientists Create Microchip From Human Brain Cells

A new technology will help researchers discover drugs for various neurological disorders.

Technology june 29, 2010

1-Bit Symphony: A Miniature Electronic Orchestra

A microchip in an electronic circuit is programmed to play 'live' music.


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