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Technology january 9, 2014

Tablet Automatically Transfers Drawings From Paper To Screen [Video]

Qualcomm unveils device that lets notes and animations created with real ink simultaneously appear in a digital form.

Advertising december 14, 2012

Coke's Carol-Powered Vending Machine Brings Holiday Spirit

JMW Stockholm lets you sing a Christmas song in return for a Coke by creating a karaoke machine with microphones attached.

Technology october 31, 2012

Blow On This Interactive Dandelion Painting To Scatter Seeds

Jie Qi's 'Pu Gong Ying Tu' combines traditional painting elements with technology.

Design & Architecture october 30, 2012

Wooden Tunnel Plays A Soundtrack Created From Capturing Visitors' Movements

Ekko is an installation by Thilo Frank that records the sound of people as they pass, remixes them, and plays them back.

Cities september 24, 2012

Taxi Transforms Ambient City Sounds Into Music

The ‘Sound Taxi’, created by artist Yuri Suzuki, converts the noises heard during a trip through the streets of London into original music in real-time.

Home april 18, 2012

Listen To Shifting Tectonic Plates With In-House Microphones

Nine geological microphones embedded into the foundation of artist Doug Aitken's house allow guests to listen to the shifting tectonic plates.

Retail june 21, 2011

Make Mobile Payments Using Ultrasonic Sound

Start-up Naratte introduces new tech that uses a device's speaker and mic to make transactions.

Technology september 23, 2009

Laser Assisted Microphone Makes Next Leap in Sound Technology

David Schwartz, a digital audio pioneer, will soon be unveiling a new design for a microphone that is aided by lasers to isolate "pure sound."


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