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Technology may 19, 2016

These Lenses Turn Your Phone Into A Portable Microscope

BLIPS makes it easier to take a much closer look at everyday objects

Innovation march 11, 2014

Paper Microscope Folds Up Like Origami

Foldscope could revolutionize healthcare by offering a simple option for field-testing of infectious diseases for less than $1.

Innovation may 3, 2013

IBM Makes Minuscule Film Starring Atoms [Video]

The short film, 'A Boy and His Atom', was made using thousands of these precisely placed tiny molecules.

Technology may 9, 2012

3D Scans Let Scientists Navigate Brains Like Google Maps

Researchers have developed the knife-edge scanning microscope (KESM), which can slice, scan and map brains.

Arts & Culture october 31, 2011

DIY Candy Blood-Stained Slides Just Like In Dexter

These forensic microscope slides are innovative tasty treats for Halloween that riff off the popular HBO show.

Mobile september 5, 2011

UCLA Team Creates Prototype Lens-Free Handheld Microscope

A prototype microscope from UCLA uses holograms instead of lenses to analyze samples -- all in a lightweight and affordable package.

Retail june 11, 2010

A Powerful Wireless Microscope For The iPad

A new device could make the Apple tablet useful for cosmetic applications.

Innovation june 8, 2010

Future Of Health: $3 Digital Microscope Connects To Cellphones

Researchers have developed a plug and play microscope that enables healthcare workers to perform remote diagnostics.

Mobile may 13, 2010

Affordable Microscope Plugs Into Cell Phones To Provide Medical Diagnostics

A new device provides inexpensive medical diagnostics on the go.


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