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Microsoft’s New E-Paper Sticky Note Runs On Ambient Light

Researchers have developed the first e-ink display powered entirely by office bulbs

Innovation october 25, 2016

After The Initial Success Of AR Gaming, What Does The Future Hold?

With Pokemon GO earning up to $10m a day, R&D departments are busy searching for the next phase

Beauty october 25, 2016

Shiseido And Microsoft Have Created A Makeup Filter For Women Who Telecommute

The Japanese cosmetic company built an augmented reality app that works alongside Skype for Business

Work september 30, 2016

Microsoft Wants To Help Workers Better Communicate With Their Coworkers

Project Sonoma is a new app designed to help employees chat and coordinate shifts with their associates

[Insight] Apple’s short-term goals might hurt long-term opportunities
[News] Cloud computing renews Wall Street’s faith in Microsoft
[News] Microsoft is creating its own dedicated AI research group
Augmented & Virtual Reality september 22, 2016

HoloLens-Enabled Elevators Help Repair Technicians Minimize Delays

Engineering firm ThyssenKrupp is using mixed reality to take the lift industry to new heights

IoT september 19, 2016

PSFK Launches The Future Of Automotive Report

Presented with Microsoft, our new study presents future-forward scenarios driving the digital transformation of the car industry

[News] Microsoft opens up Office 365 with new guest editing functionality
Automotive september 9, 2016

Dashboard Assistant Will Make Your Next Car A Self-Parking Mobile Office

Mercedes is pioneering a new technology that will enable your vehicle to help with driving and work

Gaming & Play august 23, 2016

Analog Solitaire Set Recreates The Iconic Windows 3.0 Deck

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the original computer card game, Areaware released cards created by its original artist

[News] Microsoft adds an AI editor to Microsoft Word
Entertainment july 13, 2016

Microsoft Can Help You Create A Digital Collection Of Your Keepsakes

The new app lets people take pictures of their possessions to add to a virtual collection they can share with others


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