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Build Custom Interfaces For All Your Home Appliances

Sony Uses AR Storytelling To Make Alice’s Wonderland a Dash More Wonderful

Make Sweet Music with Strangers in a Giant, Sonic Forest

Leading Minds Explore Tech’s Future in Coded Documentary

Kinect System Reads Emotions To Help Autistic Children Socialize

Grocery Shelf Scans Passing Customers To Deliver Customized Messages

Tool Lets Designers Mold Digital 3D Models With Their Hands

Kinect-Powered Virtual Therapist Can Diagnose Depression [Video]

Change The Passing Scenery On This AR Train Window [Video]

Cyber Magician Spices Up His TED Talk With Augmented Reality Illusions [Video]

Vibrating Gloves Tell Customers Where To Find Things In Store

Virtually Browse Supermarket Aisles And Buy Real Goods With Kinect

  • 20 september 2012
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