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Retail july 15, 2016

McDonald’s Brings Virtual Reality Into Its Restaurants

A Singapore branch of the popular fast food chain is innovating its locations with emerging technologies

Technology may 5, 2016

Build Custom Interfaces For All Your Home Appliances

Don't like the button layout on your devices? Just print new ones

Technology march 23, 2016

Sony Uses AR Storytelling To Make Alice’s Wonderland a Dash More Wonderful

At SXSW, augmented reality brought a favorite storybook to psychedelic life

Work august 7, 2015

Make Sweet Music with Strangers in a Giant, Sonic Forest

Matthew Dear's music and Microsoft technology merge in a public interactive instrument at NYC's New Museum incubator, New Inc.

IoT june 2, 2015

Leading Minds Explore Tech’s Future in Coded Documentary

CLOUDS is a virtual reality documentary that tests Microsoft Kinect’s depth sensor as an open-source platform for filmmaking

Gaming & Play march 10, 2014

Kinect System Reads Emotions To Help Autistic Children Socialize

Italian researchers have built a Kinect-based system to identify the emotions being felt by a person sitting in front of it.

Advertising october 17, 2013

Grocery Shelf Scans Passing Customers To Deliver Customized Messages

Sensors are able to read shoppers to figure out their snacking soft-spots.

Gaming & Play june 27, 2013

Tool Lets Designers Mold Digital 3D Models With Their Hands

Purdue University researchers have developed Shape-It-Up, which allows designers to create and modify items using gestures.

Technology april 3, 2013

Kinect-Powered Virtual Therapist Can Diagnose Depression [Video]

'SimSensei' is a new program in development that tracks body movements and facial expressions to give medical advice.

Technology december 5, 2012

Change The Passing Scenery On This AR Train Window [Video]

Augmented reality makes a long journey more fun.

Arts & Culture october 29, 2012

Cyber Magician Spices Up His TED Talk With Augmented Reality Illusions [Video]

Marco Tempest explores the link between magic, story telling, and digital media in his virtual and physical presentation.

Retail october 12, 2012

Vibrating Gloves Tell Customers Where To Find Things In Store

The concept design by researchers at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology helps point you in the right direction when you’re looking for specific items.

Home september 20, 2012

Virtually Browse Supermarket Aisles And Buy Real Goods With Kinect

Keytree has developed an application that delivers a 3D shopping experience with tailored products in your own home using Microsoft's device.

Work august 4, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top 10 Health Innovations Of The Week

From a Facebook for doctors to a smartphone with built-in health sensors, we bring you the most innovative stories from the world of wellness research.


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