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Technology march 30, 2016

Have A Meeting With A Hologram Thanks To This Technology

Microsoft's Holoportation Demo Showcases the Future of AR

Arts & Culture february 22, 2016

Research Meets Light Art in This Microsoft Installation

A human-computer interaction provides visitors with an immersive layout

Work january 21, 2016

Microsoft Wants You to Say Hello to Augmented Conference Calls

An AR study projects life-sized callers into in-office conversations

Design & Architecture october 28, 2015

You're Familiar With Autocomplete for Words, Introducing Autocomplete for Animations

Microsoft Research will soon unveil their newest drawing tool which helps ease the labor demands of producing animation

Cities january 29, 2014

Microsoft's 20,000 Megapixel Panorama Celebrates Local Artists

A 360 degree interactive image lets viewers explore Seattle and highlights the artists who reside in the city.

Work january 21, 2014

Microsoft’s AI Elevator Knows Where Its Riders Want To Go

A learning algorithm can pick up on your personal habits and use it to predict your next move.

Design & Architecture december 2, 2013

Stress-Monitoring Bra Puts A Stop To Emotional Overeating

Undergarments lined with sensors monitor daily moods and eating habits.

Mobile november 6, 2013

Microsoft’s Mobile App Lets Users 3D-Scan Objects On The Go

The technology company is testing out an app that makes it easier for people to create their own 3D content.

Arts & Culture march 13, 2013

What Facebook Likes Reveal About Users' Personalities

The University of Cambridge and Microsoft Research have found that attributes can be predicted by analyzing digital behavior.

Technology march 6, 2013

Predictive, Digital Whiteboard Autocompletes Data Charts

Microsoft's SketchInsight is an interactive data storytelling system that uses real-time sketching.

Technology march 6, 2013

Twitter Search Tool Finds Viral Content

ViralSearch could help users find and follow popular stories that are being spread on social media.

Innovation january 20, 2013

How Microsoft Builds Employee Trust In the Workplace [Future Of Work]

PSFK chats with Ross Smith, Director of Test at Microsoft, about how gauging trust and creating games help to create a more powerful company culture.

Mobile january 14, 2013

Microsoft Turns Entire Walls Into TV Screens

IllumiRoom is a proof-of-concept that projects images beyond your TV for a more immersive gaming experience.

Design & Architecture december 31, 2012

One Day...Ownership In The Digital Space Will Disappear

Richard Banks of Microsoft Research envisions a future where ownership won't matter.


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