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IoT august 28, 2013

13 Stories You Need To Know Today

State-by-state breakdown of the U.S. porn addiction, Los Angeles free WIFI plan and how to reduce side effects of beer.

Technology july 3, 2012

DJ Jacket Plays Music Controlled By Wearer’s Movements [Video]

An interactive garment that aims to redefine how people play music.

Cities april 12, 2012

Conductor Controls A Four-Story Pipe Organ Using Kinect [Video]

Programmer uses the gesture-based technology to hack an instrument for motion-based control.

Work december 22, 2010

Archiving Musical Artifacts From Early Internet Culture

Internet Archaeology hopes to preserve early Internet culture by converting MIDI files into vinyl.

Design & Architecture december 14, 2010

Urushi Tactile Musical Interface

A touch-sensitive music controller explores the interface between traditional Japanese designer art and modern interactive surfaces.

Technology august 31, 2009

Moonbell: Topography Transformed Into Sound

Information recorded by a satellite gets presented as sound and music....


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